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Olaf Pietrulla is the son of Helen and Herbert Pietrulla. In 1976, Olaf and his wife Heide Pietrulla became the assistant heads of the state-approved Heidelberger Berufsfachschule für Kosmetik Pietrulla (Heidelberg Beauty School). Heide Pietrulla is a licensed beautician, lymphatic drainage therapist (Dr. Vodder method) and hairdresser, as well as an accredited teacher for the theory and practice of cosmetic science.

Heide’s brother, Dr. med. Karl Schuhmann is the head physician at the Klinikum Hattingen. He is a surgeon specialized in the field of aesthetic surgery. Karl is a member of the Helen Pietrulla Kosmetika advisory board together with Heide und Olaf Pietrulla, Dr. Brigitte Roos, Mrs. Ulrike Kesselbacher and Dr. med. Herbert Pietrulla. The advisory board makes decisions about the company’s new product developments and modernization.

In 1986, Heide and Olaf took over the Pietrulla beauty school. In 2010, after 15 years of successful leadership, they handed the school over to their eldest son, Ingo Pietrulla. Their second son, Dr. med. Herbert Pietrulla, is an assistant medical director for surgery at the Stiftungsklinik Weißhorn. Olaf Pietrulla has been involved in the product development of HP Kosmetika since 1960. His qualifications include business economist, masseur, licensed beautician, accredited bath and sauna attendant, and cosmetic science instructor for theory and practice. In 2005, Olaf took over the management of Helen Pietrulla Kosmetika. Since July 2009, he is the sole shareholder.

In 2013, the Helen Pietrulla Kosmetika group celebrated its 70th anniversary since its foundation in 1943 by Helen and her husband Herbert.

Apart from the Helen Pietrulla exclusive cosmetic products, Helen also founded a beauty salon called Heidelberger Kosmetikum Helen Pietrulla, and the very first officially recognized school of beauticians Heidelberger Berufsfachschule für Kosmetik Pietrulla, which is under the leadership of Helen’s grandson today.

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  Olaf Pietrulla
Owner of Helen Pietrulla Kosmetika GmbH