Our Company History

Pietrulla GmbH - 75 Years of Continuous Success

In 1960, Helen Pietrulla learned how to manufacture skin care cosmetics in Holzminden, using laboratories owned by the organization DRAGOCO. By 1962, she founded her production facility for skin care exclusive cosmetics in Mauer, Heidelberg.

Finally, Helen Pietrulla was able to manufacture and sell the high-quality cosmetic products she had always envisioned as the owner of a cosmetics institute as well as the director of a cosmetics school. The high quality standards of her products and a general economic boom combined to lead her business to success and quick expansion.

Sales quickly increased, and so did the number of employees. Soon, the organization needed a larger building, so the company moved to a production facility in Sinsheimer Straße, Mauer, near Heidelberg. In August of 1986, the construction of the new production facility in Im Bruchrain 2, Mauer, was completed and the company has been manufacturing its products there ever since.

The new production facility has an area of 668 square meters and is the center for manufacturing and distributing Helen Pietrulla Kosmetika products until today. Our products are now exported to and sold in up to 18 different countries.

Pietrulla GmbH