Dr. Heike GoebelFirst of all, I would like to congratulate the entire organization Helen Pietrulla in Mauer for their 75th anniversary! In these modern times where the trends and insights on what is considered organic and ecologic are constantly changing, a company that stays stable and consistent through the decades is a rare gem.

With my most recent purchase of products from Helen Pietrulla Kosmetika, I received a brochure which depicted a small store. I immediately recognized it as the store I had passed by often in Heidelberg Altstadt during the first years after moving into the area. If only I had walked into the store sooner, I could have saved myself many years of troubles with my problematic skin. I have suffered from bad skin and acne since my teenage years and even well past my thirties. I tried many different products to improve my condition, but all for nothing. For example, I even went to the Ebert Anlage to try out a foam mask developed by a top-tier French cosmetics company. The mask produced heat as it hardened, causing me to feel imprisoned and claustrophobic, and yet still no results. Nonetheless, I continued to spend over 200 DM in the former German Mark currency on cleansing and skin care products in the hopes that one day I might finally have the clear and healthy skin they all promised. Unfortunately, all my efforts earned me were allergic reactions and inflammations, so I ended up throwing them all away.

In the early eighties, I moved to Gauangelloch and during a conversation with a fellow dog owner, I learned that she had opened a small cosmetic treatment room in her house. She told me about Pietrulla Kosmetika’s natural products and we set up a date for a trial treatment. That was the beginning of over 35 years of faithfully applying their Vitamin S Cream, Masque Repair, cleansing milk and eye wrinkle cream, which helped my skin stay healthy through a time of many tears and losses. My acne became a thing of the past ever since I decided to continue treatment with Pietrulla Kosmetika, and I even ended up going directly to the institute in Mauer where the friendly staff allowed me to bring my dog along. Even during the eleven years I moved to Odenwald, almost an hour away, I continued to go to Mauer for my skin treatments. I always make sure to have an emergency pack of Vitamin S cream in my fridge, to make sure I never miss out on this wonderfully nutritious cream.

Six years ago, I moved to Bammental and am now happy to be closer to the institute again, and the staff is a friendly and helpful as ever. At my 66 years of age, people still complement my smooth skin. In hindsight, I am so glad I did not simply trust the blue tin like many of my acquaintances, but made the effort to find skin care products made from natural ingredients that are especially adapted to meet my needs. I owe much of my well-being to these creams, and this was part of my motivation to pick “Face to Face” as the topic for my therapeutic work. Being seen from the outside, but also from the inside, with your individual experiences and emotions, depends on many factors. One of the crucial points is that we must learn to take off our “masks” in order to live a real, natural and healthy life.

For all these reasons, I thank Pietrulla Kosmetika and wish that their customers may continue to be satisfied and feel beautiful and healthy with their help. Our world needs good traditions of high quality and moral standards, that are not easily blown here and there by today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

I sincerely thank the staff and leadership of Helen Pietrulla Kosmetika for several decades of high satisfaction with their skin care lines!

With high regards,

Dr. Heike Goebel, Bammental